Group Yoga

adaptive therapeutic floW Yoga Class

This class is a Beginner to Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Style. We integrate exercises used in Physical Therapy Clinics, poses that flow together for strength and mobility, restorative poses and relaxation breathing techniques for stress relief.  by using adaptive poses and exercises you are able to modify and or intensify your practice to your physical and or emotional needs through each mindful movement. 
*class is mildly heated 

-integrate YOGA with your current 
physical, occupational, recreational, 
and cognitive behavioral therapy


become a yoga teacher 

*therapeutic massage COMING SOON!

Specialty: stress relief


chronic pain relief

reduction of 

anxiety attacks

panic disorder

trouble sleeping

increased strength, mobility, and balance

maintaining good posture

and much more


Post Physical Therapy Maintenance Recommendation

"It is with Great Pleasure and Confidence, that I am able to recommend 

Mrs. Tracy Badders VIP Yoga Program 

for your highest consideration for post-clinic follow-on maintenance of your rehabilitation clients as well as injury prevention

for all populations ranging from athletes to the extremely sedentary. I have had the opportunity
to work with Tracy, in my position as a Physical Therapist; I am working to better use Yoga in
treatment severely injured and wounded Marines, Soldiers and Airmen with multiple disabilities
due to poly trauma.
There is a plethora of recently published quality research showing the benefit of Yoga as
a very cost effect rehabilitation tool as well as untapped potential in injury prevention. Yoga is a
unique practice addressing the whole person, promoting a lifestyle approach that melds fitness,
flexibility, movement and neuromuscular awareness and control.
Tracy's impressive background makes her the perfect person to recommend to persons
for structured Yoga classes; incorporating completed clinical rehabilitation into conditioning,
injury prevention and lifetime maintenance programs. Tracy has over Ten Years experience as a
Yoga Instructor and is currently completing certification in Therapeutic Yoga. Her academic
training and her experience as a Physical Therapy Technician make her comfortable working with
all individuals including those recovering from surgical procedures; as well as those recovering
from both traumatic and overuse injuries.
Finally an impressive statement to her character and commitment to Community;
VIP Yoga's profits are donated to local charities!"


Center For Intrepid

San Antonio Military Medical Center

Fort Sam Houston, Texas 92134