Integrative & Adaptive Holistic Wellness

What is Integrative Adaptive Yoga & Massage?

Integrative Adaptive Yoga & Massage 


Holistic Healthcare that Adapts to the individual

Tracy's VIP Method is Individualized 

Meaning no 2 sessions are performed exactly the same

YOGA Sessions are an integration of multiple styles 

adapting to your needs

 to include Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Power and Yin

MASSAGE Therapy Sessions 

Can be any blend of Sweedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Deep Tissue

*All sessions include Aromatherapy at no additional cost*


VIP YOGA is here to create a community where
Whole Hearted Care 
is at the root of all health & healing 

Working towards proper posture 

is about working towards maintaining 

Ethical & Positive 




Posture definition: 

A particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude

VIP Yoga is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training School providing services of 

Group and Private Adaptive Yoga & Massage

About TRACY:

Tracy began her yoga practice in 2007. She fell in love with yoga as a lifestyle and a daily practice in and outside of a yoga classroom.  

Tracy has a Level 1 yoga instructor certificate through YogaFit. Tracy has obtained a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification through American Power Yoga of Dallas, Texas and Black Swan Yoga of Austin, Texas. She earned her Adaptive Therapeutic Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300 hour certification in December 2017. She has worked with multiple Physical Therapists to help them create yoga programs for their patients.

Tracy is a 500 Hour Licensed Massage Therapist,

500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance


Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor 

Tracy has a drive to balance her profession as a yoga instructor & massage therapist 

as well as maintaining  a healthy family structure. 

Tracy's yoga classes are influenced from Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Gentle Restorative. 

Her classes are also influenced from rehabilitation exercise. 

Tracy has a compassionate nature about her.

Her joy comes from self care to care for others

She enjoys hiking, biking, working out, drinking smoothies

 and all things related to wellness!

Tracy's hope is to teach people self care to reduce chronic pain, lower stress levels, and increase strength and flexibility.

"Healthy isn't a goal it's a way of living."


"Tracy is such a patient and kind instructor! She motivated me to grow in my practice... 

So much so, that I decided to become a yoga teacher and participated in VIP yoga Teacher Training! She's a wealth of information and a great resource depending on what your needs are! If you are a beginner, experienced or even an Advanced Yogi, you will gain something!" 

-Angela Taylor-Duncan, 200 RYT

"Tracy's class allows each student the opportunity for a deep connection between mind, body, and spirit. Her rhythmic instructions embraces the use of breathe to experience the strength and effortlessness of each pose. She expresses her expertise of knowledge to structure and alignment of the poses during the meditative flow. Her knowledge and instruction provides each student with the opportunity to benefit a practice encompassing the wellness benefits of mind, body, and spirit."

-Rhonda Drummonds, 200 RYT

Post Physical Therapy 

Maintenance Recommendation

"It is with Great Pleasure and Confidence, that I am able to recommend 

Mrs. Tracy Badders VIP Yoga Program 

for your highest consideration for post-clinic follow-on maintenance of your rehabilitation clients as well as injury prevention

for all populations ranging from athletes to the extremely sedentary. I have had the opportunity
to work with Tracy, in my position as a Physical Therapist; I am working to better use Yoga in
treatment severely injured and wounded Marines, Soldiers and Airmen with multiple disabilities
due to poly trauma.
There is a plethora of recently published quality research showing the benefit of Yoga as
a very cost effect rehabilitation tool as well as untapped potential in injury prevention. Yoga is a
unique practice addressing the whole person, promoting a lifestyle approach that melds fitness,
flexibility, movement and neuromuscular awareness and control.
Tracy's impressive background makes her the perfect person to recommend to persons
for structured Yoga classes; incorporating completed clinical rehabilitation into conditioning,
injury prevention and lifetime maintenance programs. Tracy has over Ten Years experience as a
Yoga Instructor and is currently completing certification in Therapeutic Yoga. Her academic
training and her experience as a Physical Therapy Technician make her comfortable working with
all individuals including those recovering from surgical procedures; as well as those recovering
from both traumatic and overuse injuries.
Finally an impressive statement to her character and commitment to Community;
VIP Yoga's profits are donated to local charities!"


Center For Intrepid

San Antonio Military Medical Center

Fort Sam Houston, Texas 92134